DJ GOLDENCHYLD | [EVENTS] Return of the Boom Zap 3 Year Anniversary


[EVENTS] Return of the Boom Zap 3 Year Anniversary

20 Feb 2014, Posted by Dominic Cueto in Design, Events, Music





I seriously can’t believe it’s been 3 years already.  It’s been a snowball of a ride and I feel blessed to have this outlet to play some of the craziest music I find out there.  Cheers to 3 years of theraputic sessions and rocking on into the forseeable future!  Shout out to all of our past guests and my resident Boom Zap co-pilots R-Cade, Aj Orbit, Dj Eni, and Dubstantial.  We’re going big for the 3 year Anniversary party with special guests Vinroc, B.Lewis, and Dj Steve1nder.  You’ll probably want to tune in or check us out in person because it’s gonna be a fresh one!