DJ GOLDENCHYLD | Goldenchyld on 99.7’s (HOUSE NATION)


Goldenchyld on 99.7’s (HOUSE NATION)

28 Jan 2014, Posted by Dominic Cueto in Events, Music

This past weekend I was blessed with a great opportunity from the folks at 99.7 NOW as they asked me to do a guest slot on their very popular HOUSE NATION program hosted by the one and only St. John.  I remember listening to St. John as a youngin’ , so to be invited to bust a set on his show was quite an honor for me and I wanted to do it right.  It got great feedback and even though the title of the program is “HOUSE NATION” they were gracious enough to let me bend the rules just a bit, and represent a few other styles in the mix.  And me being who I am as a dj, I love bending / breaking rules.  So here it is for you now to download and share as you please!  Big shouts out to the HOUSE NATION crew, Aaron the Era, and St. John for having me and I look forward to doing it again soon!