DJ GOLDENCHYLD | Flash Back Friday | RB3Style 2011


Flash Back Friday | RB3Style 2011

27 Sep 2013, Posted by Dominic Cueto in Events, Music, Video


By 2011, I figured my battling days were over.  Though I had always kept an eye out for things that were happening in the battle world, I had thought that things moved so far away from what I had loved about the battle scene, that it wasn’t really something I was going to dive back into.  I had watched videos, and kept an eye on it for a while, but hadn’t really been inspired enough to jump back in.

A few months prior to this video, I had gotten a call from my good friend DJ Platurn (Oakland Faders), who had been invited to compete in the SF RB3Style, asking me if it were something I would be interested in.  I hesitated, and I basically told him I’d think about it and get back to him.  I thought about it for a while, and decided to test myself.  I basically told myself, that if hadn’t really been inspired by what was happening in the battle scene, then it was up to me to try and DO some inspiring.  So I came into it with that mentality.  It was my goal to create a clear window to what my style was, and really use it as a platform to do what I felt was “The Goldenchyld Show”.  I didn’t let the fact that it was a battle, really shape the set.  I just looked at it as if I were about to rock a festival my way, and did that.  And this is what it turned into!