DJ GOLDENCHYLD | Don Prahfit X Goldenchyld Mixtape EP || Gorilla


Don Prahfit X Goldenchyld Mixtape EP || Gorilla

14 Jan 2014, Posted by Dominic Cueto in Music, Projects



My boy Don Prahfit is a beast.  I always enjoy working with him because we actually learn a lot from each other through our creative processes.  He’s also a big supporter of Return of the Boom Zap and understands what we’re trying to do musically with it.  We’re always geeking off of new music, production, and all types of genres.  We literally bring everything to our table and listen to as much as we can when we prep for things in and outside of popular music.

GORILLA was an idea that we had been kicking around in efforts to create some things that I (or anyone) could use in a setting like Return of the Boom Zap.  We wanted to create something that had the energy and the spirit of the night.  So we basically searched for instrumentals that were coming out that we thought we could manipulate and arrange into songs for the project.  GORILLA uses instrumentals from some of what we feel are some of the freshest producers out right now including Djemba Djemba, Mr. Carmack, The Bangerz, to TRill.I.AM.  It’s our hope that folks can enjoy and use this in a party setting and really just vibe/rage out.     GORILLA will mark the 3rd project we’ve worked on together and the growth from each one on both of our ends have stepped up incredibly.  See for yourself!  Download GORILLA and turn up / and down and crank your headphones or whatever it is you use to bump your shit loud as f**k.